Physician Assistant Jobs-Nurse Practitioner 2021

Physician Assistant Jobs-Nurse Practitioner 2021

Physician Assistant Jobs-Nurse Practitioner 2021

Opening and closing dates10/19/2020 to 10/18/2021
Pay the scale and range ofGS 13
Appointment typePermanent
Salary $ 109,508 to $ 109,508 per year
Job Details
  • As a CIA Medical Assistant / Nurse, you will work with people who are highly motivated to bring medical care and trauma into difficult situations. Nurse Worker-Nurse 2021 Physician Assistant Jobs-Nurse Practitioner 2021

Duties – Physician Assistant Jobs-Nurse Practitioner 2021

You can also do the following activities:

Establish and operate independent long-distance operating clinics.
Manage illness, injury, and medical emergencies including risk stabilization.
Perform physical examinations and interpretations of diagnostic tests.
Provide instructional and practical education at various levels of medical care including survival skills, field medicine, and anti-traumatic care care.
Participate in medical planning.
Perform administrative and administrative duties.
You will be asked to carry medical equipment from one place to another within the harsh environment and you can work with the host country staff, usually as providers only. You should be comfortable working independently with a small amount of essential medical supplies and without the guidance of a specific doctor.

While the first assignment is located in the Washington, DC area, the candidates will be part of a working team that may need six (6) months or more of a year to serve abroad in various starting areas. All candidates will be required to work on a one-year singleton delivery periodically, but may also choose to move with the immediate family to a designated overseas location to work in a more clinical setting.

As part of our team, you will receive excellent benefits and a wide range of medical and non-medical training will be provided. Login incentives and travel expenses are refunded. Nurse Worker-Nurse 2021 Physician Assistant Jobs-Nurse Practitioner 2021

Required Documents

The following items must be attached to your online application (choosing PDF format):

Illegal writing of all degrees
Copy of certificates/licenses
At least a technical trust with full name and contact details

Physician Assistant Jobs-Nurse Practitioner 2021

Requirements – Assisted Nursing Assistant-Nurse 2021

US citizenship is required (two US citizens are eligible).
All positions need to be relocated to Washington, DC.
All applicants must successfully complete a comprehensive medical and psychological examination, polygraph interview, and a thorough background examination.
All applicants must not use illegal drugs for the past 12 months. The issue of illicit drug use over the past twelve months is being carefully considered in medical and safety considerations.

Graduation – Nursing Assistant Assignment-Nurse 2021

Master’s degrees from an accredited AAPA program and/or NP program.
Current NCCPA PA certificate or NPS license.
A minimum of five (5) years of full equivalent experience in emergency medicine or informed surgery for primary care.
Feel like you live overseas or travel extensively in different cultures as an adult.
Working comfortably in a varied and boring environment.
Required Qualifications:
Military background.
Strong interest in international affairs.
Excellent social and communication skills.
Foreign language skills.
Master’s degrees from an accredited AAPA program and/or NP program.
Current NCCPA PA certificate or NPS license.
How to Apply – Nursing Assistant Assignment 2021

To apply for CIA recruitment, you must apply online at

Search Over 100 Jobs or View All Jobs to see our job opportunities.

For more information on what to do before, during and after applying for a job with the CIA, please visit

Our aim is to respond to each applicant within 45 days. However, the CIA receives thousands of applications every month and, unfortunately, we cannot communicate with everyone at that time. If you have not heard from us within 45 days, we will not offer you a position at this time.

If there is interest in your application, CIA employers will start contacting you by phone or email. Emails from CIA employers will be extended .gov. Please check your email spam filter settings or spam folder to confirm receipt of these emails.

Be prepared to do a thorough background check examining your life history, your character, honesty, honesty, and ability to judge. We also monitor your freedom from conflicting, enforceable, and compliant privacy and compliance with the regulations governing the use, management and protection of sensitive information. The institute uses a polygraph to check the accuracy of this information. The recruitment process includes a thorough psychological and physical medical examination in respect of performing key job duties. Nurse Worker-Nurse 2021 Physician Assistant Jobs-Nurse Practitioner 2021

Agency contact information
AddressCentral Intelligence Agency
Mail Not Accepted
Washington, DC 20505

Physician Assistant Jobs-Nurse Practitioner 2021

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Physician Assistant Jobs-Nurse Practitioner 2021

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